Bollywood casino: How to Register at the website

Table of contents

  1. Registration process at Bollywood casino
  2. Who can register at Bollywood casino?
  3. How to create an account at Bollywood casino from mobile?
  4. Why do you need to create an account at Bollywood casino?

Bollywood casino registration will open the player not only access to slot machines, but also to countless bonuses. Indian casino allows players to create an account in less than a minute and start playing immediately.

Let's take a closer look at how online casino registration goes,why you need an account and how to get verification in 2021.

Registration process at Bollywood casino

Bollywood casino registration begins by clicking the "Sign up" button in the upper right corner of the screen. The window will open with two tabs - Email and Phone. 

How to create an account

The main tab is Bollywood registration using the phone. The user needs to enter their phone number, as well as come up with a password. Before completing registration, it is recommended to read the rules of the Bollywood Casino. After clicking on the button "Sign up" on the specified message will arrive with a confirmation of registration, as well as the available welcome bonuses.

Bollywood casino sign up via email is no different from creating an account via phone. Players must specify an email address, as well as come up with a password. After that, the specified email address will receive a message with confirmation of registration.

The third way of Bollywood casino register - accounts in social networks. You can use an existing account Google and Facebook.

In the window that opens you must allow online casino Bollywood to use your account data. After completing registration, the user will be authorized and can play on the site.

After registration, we recommend that you visit a personal account of Bollywood casino. There you should specify the missing information about yourself, including additional ways to contact. In 2021, players from India can get additional bonuses, for example, for linking cell phone to account.

How to verify account

When verifying the account, the player must provide a photo or copy of the main page of your personal ID with your login attached$ or a copy of a credit card you used during the transactions.

Mentioned procedure is being taken to ensure players financial security.

Who can register at Bollywood casino?

Any adult user can register in online casino Bollywood. It should be noted that the creation of two accounts is prohibited by casino rules. So if you already have an account - it's better to restore access to it.

How to create an account at Bollywood casino from mobile?

Casino sign up in the mobile version – completely same as on desktop devices. Player will nedd to choose phone number or email address and create password.

Why do you need to create an account at Bollywood casino?

First of all, the registration allows the player to start a game account. This means that all funds received, both for deposits and during the game on online slots, will accumulate in the account until the player makes a withdrawal request.

Online casino registration bonus allows you to manage security settings through your personal account. This means that the player will be able to play safely on the site without worrying that his account will be taken over by intruders.

Online casino without registration is only available for those players who only play in demo mode of online slots.